About us


The initial idea behind PLAN-B NET ZERO actually arose when our founder and initiator, Bradley, was talking to fellow students about climate change and the energy crisis. They said “We need to do something, demonstrations alone will not fix the problem”. Everyone agreed with this point. For Bradley, however, it quickly became clear that nothing would change if everyone was waiting for someone else to make the first move.

Over the next few weeks, Bradley and his fellow pioneers worked tirelessly on their concept. Bradley asked himself “Why hasn’t German politics had a plan B or kept a close eye on the energy crisis?” And so the new concept, but also that of the new company, was born: “PLAN-B NET ZERO”. “The name has also become our mission straight away”, said Bradley.

He understood the fact that there were indeed many specialist players in the field of renewable, decentralised, green energy, but that no-one was actually covering all of these areas. At the same time, most private individuals and entrepreneurs shy away from the high level of investment in photovoltaic systems etc. for their own supply.

PLAN-B NET ZERO was born. It is the first company to cover all areas of decentralised energy production and distribution in a consistent way. Its tasks range from project development to financing, plant construction and operation to the direct supply of property owners or users, right through to the marketing of surplus electricity to end customers by our own marketing company.

Of course, our services also include wind energy, heat pumps, energy storage solutions and charging infrastructure. End customers do not need to invest their own sums. We provide the very best in competent and honest advice, working in partnership with a capable direct sales company to provide tailor-made comprehensive solutions. This works much better than online ads or quick sales of a few solar modules by call centre agents. In order to achieve all of this in the shortest possible time, PLAN-B NET ZERO was set up as the umbrella company of a strong corporate network in which the best people within their respective fields come together. This ensures all of the required skillset can be drawn on from a single source. Energy as a Service as an all-round carefree package.

As a Business Engineering student, and coming from an entrepreneurial family, it was entirely evident to Bradley that things can only change in a sustainable way for our climate and our planet if the entire package of measures is financially attractive too. Good will on its own is not enough; there need to be suitable financial opportunities as well.

This is why PLAN-B NET ZERO was founded as a subsidiary of the Swiss company, Yamato Capital AG, ensuring it was on a solid financial footing from the outset. As a vastly experienced anchor investor, Yamato Capital AG contributed to the start-up financing and is on hand to assist Bradley and his team with its own team of management experts with international experience from a wide range of industries and disciplines. This ensures that PLAN-B NET ZERO will not only be able to overcome all of the challenges it will face, but it will also be a financially successful company too. Indeed, the success of environmental and climate protection measures is most evident if they not only cost money but also generate revenue too.

The success enjoyed over the first few weeks and months demonstrates to us that our PLAN-B NET ZERO team is on the right path. However, there is an incredible amount still to do in the small amount of time we have to do something to combat climate change.

So come and support PLAN-B NET ZERO as a customer, as a sales representative, as a team member, or join our movement with your company.

This is for our future, and for the future of our children.